Great Hair Is No Accident.

It takes the right combination of time, skill, trust and respect from us both.

I respect the fact that only you know what you do – and don’t – like about your hair and how you want to look and feel.

So, we’ll chat, I’ll listen, we’ll make a plan and then I’ll get to work while you relax with the drink of your choice.

I started Verve and Virtue because I have a passion for ‘excellence’ which I found hard to deliver in a conventional ‘production line’ salon.

Great looking hair takes time – and it’s my aim to provide you with sufficient time to enjoy a warm and friendly experience that has you feeling great when you leave the salon – every time.

Verve and Virtue, I admit, is a bit of an unusual name. But, given my passion to have you leave the salon feeling and looking great, the name Verve and Virtue makes perfect sense.

‘Verve’ because you’ll have even more of it when you leave the salon.

‘Virtue’ because whilst we will never be the lowest price, we will certainly not be the most expensive.

My ten years in hairdressing began with an apprenticeship with one of Oxfordshire’s large salon chains where I moved on to management. During this time I also performed in the London shows at the L’Oréal and Wella academies and shared a stage with Sassoon at Salon International.

So – as someone who shares my passion for great looking hair, call, email or book online to arrange a no obligation informal chat, a free consultation or a full appointment.

Whichever you choose it will be great to meet and exchange views and ideas.

 I very much look forward to seeing you soon.


Founder - Adam Burgess

Founder - Adam Burgess