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Image courtesy of Kate Hamilton Photography

Image courtesy of Kate Hamilton Photography

Davines - Let it go circle treatment

Davines - Let it go circle treatment

November 2018

Please don’t shout at me but…

… I’m going to mention the dreaded ‘Christmas’ word. There – I’ve said it out loud!

The year is flying by and, before you know it, Christmas will be here. Christmas is a curious time – full of fun and joy for many but stressful too. And those stresses come in all shapes and sizes. It’s an additional layer of things to think about and find the money for in addition to all the ‘normal’ ‘stuff’ in our daily lives. 

One of the nicer things in the run up to Christmas is the increase, for many, in what I will loosely call ‘social engagements’. You know the sort of thing – work mates going for an informal drink right up to the more formal Christmas parties and dinners.

Well, last Christmas was quite interesting for us at V&V because, I at least, hadn’t fully understood how stressful some of these events can be. A number of our clients wanted to make a bit of a statement on these occasions and were stressing a little over what best to do with their hair.

So, this year we thought we would try a couple of things to help lower the stress levels a bit. First, we will offer what we will call ‘Event’ styling. At V&V our appointment sessions are much longer than the average and this allows us plenty of time to fully understand what you’re looking to achieve and then to get you as close to that style as is possible – and no stressing!


Then, if you still need to decompress a little more, we would prescribe the take home Davines ‘Let It Go’ deep conditioning hair mask. This contains natural active ingredients such as Brahmi-oil and Sweet Orange essential oils – hmm can smell them already – and these help to relieve stress and relax the mind. Applying this little treat to the mid lengths and ends of your hair for at least 3 minutes will leave both your hair and you feeling amazing and ready to make that ‘statement’!

So, no stressing allowed this Christmas – at least not on account of your hair!

Look forward to seeing you soon



October 2018

Things continue to move apace! Two things to report this month.

Opening Hours

Now that Verity has joined us we are able to open 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday. It means minor adjustments to our schedule here at V&V but we all still get one day off a week – phew!

Our hope is that that the extra day will give our clients greater flexibility in juggling those busy schedules!

New Products

We are pleased to announce that we are joining forces with a company called Davines. You may not have heard of them but they are part of a global network that uses business as a force for good. Their aim is to be a business with a positive impact both on people and the environment. 

We have been trialing their styling products in the salon and, so far, both we and our clients are impressed. We are now trialing their shampoo and conditioners and, again, so far so good. All of Davines products are Paraben and sulphate (sls) free.

Davines are more than just another product company.  They are part of the Lifegate Zero Impact® project and LifeGate has honored Davines with the title of Zero Impact® Ambassador  , because of their great commitment to the project.

Davines believe in sustainable beauty: “By creating “beauty” we want to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love.” All of which chimes exactly with the ethos of V&V.

So – want to know more? Come in for a chat – there’s a lot to talk about!

Look forward to chatting soon.

‘Till next month’



September 2018

….our team has grown!

As I said last month “It’s strange how things turn out”. Last month I was pleased and relieved at the progress V&V had made over the last 19 months to the point where I announced that we would begin the search for an addition to our team. I was thinking that this would be a long and difficult challenge.

And then – on the morning of last month’s Letterbox release – the phone rang. It was Verity – Verity Hunnisett-Brown. Won’t mean much to you but, to me, it meant a great deal.

Verity and I started our hairdressing careers at the same salon on the same day in 2007 and went on to work together for many years until we moved off into different salons. I have to be honest and say that I was always a little envious of Verity’s technical ability – she was always just that bit better than me!

And then – quite suddenly – Verity left the profession. So it was great to meet up again and catch up on all the news and to explore what it was that caused her to make such a momentous change in her life. Verity says:

“For me, hairdressing is a vocation – you do it because you love it. A big part of that is building relationships with your clients, chatting about their ups and downs, generally putting the world to rights and knowing that they feel just a little bit better about life when they leave the salon with great looking hair.

In a way, I didn’t so much ‘leave the profession’ – it sort of ‘chased me away’. Time with clients became shorter; quotas (number of clients to be seen in a day) became larger and time to chat much reduced. The ‘business’ pressures of today’s salons just squeezed out all the passion I felt for hairdressing. 

So I took myself off for 3 years and was fortunate enough to be able to explore new places in the world, gain some new experiences and generally recharge the batteries.

I’d been following the progress of Adam and V&V for a little while – mainly through Letterbox and social media – and was quite intrigued at the approach he seemed to be adopting. So, when I read last month’s Letterbox, it was a very easy call to make.

I began working with Adam, Sharon and Lucy on 6th August and was immediately struck by the difference in approach from what I’d been used to. They work as a closely knit team, all with the same passion and always with clients as their main focus. It’s very exciting for me to be working with such a team and it has rekindled that old passion. The feeling of calm and friendliness at V&V is relaxing and inviting for both clients and staff, it’s a joy to be able to give time to everyone and build solid relationships.”

So – there we are – funny old world. It’s great to be working with Verity again – and now we are four!

Till next month –



August 2018

….our team grows…

It’s strange you know how things turn out. It was just 19 months ago when I started Verve & Virtue. It was far from certain that I could succeed in what is a very mature market where other salons are just a short walk away.

But, as we’ve discussed in previous editions, I had this conviction that, for what clients were being asked to pay, they deserved a much better experience for their money. I really hated the business model adopted by many salons which is all about ‘throughput’ – maximising the number of clients through the salon in any given day. To be fair, many clients seemed to be ok with this approach but I wasn’t and it was clear to me that some clients weren’t either but could find no alternative.

So I took the plunge and set off with a new approach that places the client at the centre of everything we do. We allow much more time per client than is normal and we won’t use anything other than the best and safest products. We also aim to deliver better ‘value’ so, for example, we add Fibreplex to all our colour at no extra cost to give better hair condition and longer lasting colour. And regular clients qualify for a price reduction when purchasing products.

Anyway, 19 months on I’m happy (and relived!) to report that more and more clients are agreeing with me and prefer their hair care to be conducted in a more relaxed, friendly and caring atmosphere – so much so in fact that we, yet again, need to expand our team.

You will recall that Sharon and Lucy joined me after 12 months to add more styling capacity and colour services. Well, since then, we have become a strong team committed to our client centred principles and our clients are reporting that they really do ‘feel the difference’ when compared with the approaches of their previous salons – and then, of course, they tell their families and friends!

So – what this actually boils down to is that we need another person to join our team so that we can meet increasing demand without compromising our commitment to our client centred approach.   

We would love to hear from you but be advised – outstanding technical skills are only the minimum requirement. More than this you will need to be a team player and be as passionate as we are about putting our clients at the centre of everything we do.

So – 19 months on my hunch is holding – there is another way to deliver top class hair care – and I’m loving it!

My thanks to Sharon and Lucy for working with such a passion for what we are doing and thank you to all our regular clients for sticking with us.

If you’ve thought about giving us a try – well it would be great to see you, even if it’s just for an informal and no obligation chat.


March 2018


January 2018


Celebrating our first anniversary


A Big Thank You

Well, it’s been an amazing and fun year. Getting the Verve & Virtue salon up and running was an adrenalin rush but the really fun part was meeting our many new clients – it’s gratifying to know that so many people share our vision of what a salon should be.

So a big thank you to all our clients for your continued support through 2017 – it’s been such a buzz chatting through your needs over a coffee and then ‘making it happen’.

Your support has allowed us to add a further stylist, Sharon, and a colourist, Lucy, to the team allowing us to offer you a broader range of services.

New Year – New Hair?

With the festive season behind us we can start to think about the year ahead – and if you fancy stepping out with a new look, here are some thoughts on trends for 2018:



Long Bob

We think the Long Bob will feature heavily this spring. It’s so versatile and perfect if you don’t want to shorten your hair too much but want to change the outer shape. Works great if you have straight or wavy hair as the natural movement will add to the texture. The sharp lines can add thickness and shape to fine hair too.


Short and Curly

Curly hair doesn’t have to be boring. 2018 is the year of the curl. Using your curls in a different way can give your style a boost. ‘Movement’ and ‘texture’ are going to be big this year


 Man Bob

let’s not forget the men!

 This year men’s hair will be worn a little longer and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘man bun’! How about the ‘man bob’? It allows the hair to be worn a little longer but still stay stylish and controllable.


Warm Peach

Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean your hair has to be. This eye catching shade is breathing new life into hairstyles all over. Worried about its intensity? Well don’t — both soft and vibrant orange tones are flattering on most skin tones.

Mocha Latte

No not the drink – it’s this coming seasons dark hair tone. Mocha Latte has a strong golden tone with warm red hues and makes a refreshing change from the darker hues of last season’s ‘rich chocolate’.

Beige Blonde

Beige Blonde – the latest buzz in the blonde world. Suited best to naturally lighter hair, Beige Blonde gives a more natural look by adding creamy beige tones. It just elevates the hair to the next level of sophistication.

Hair Condition

The condition of your hair can change with the seasons. Hair becomes lifeless over the colder periods because central heating and cold weather will dry out the scalp making hair brittle. So, just as you change your skincare routine at this time of year, you can adjust your hair routine to combat dry and brittle hair. We think three simple steps will give you glossy hair all through the winter. 1- use a daily ‘leave in’ conditioning spray to maintain moisture levels (we use Electric London P-4 Preparation spray); 2- apply a weekly conditioning treatment ( we use Electric London C-1 Intensive treatment masque) and; 3 – when you next visit us we can decide together whether a deep conditioning treatment is appropriate.

Regular Q&A


It’s clear from chats with our clients that our hair can be troublesome – even if you just want a ‘change’ but are unsure what that new style could or should be! So we thought it would be helpful if, next month, we ran a question and answer section and tried to deal with some of the issues with which you might be wrestling.

If you have problems with your hair or can’t seem to get the style you want – or maybe you have some interesting insights that others would find helpful – then send them to us at and we will both post some handy tips and advice on our web site and publish the most common issues here next month – we will also respond personally to each person that sends a question.

So – we very much look forward to seeing all of our existing clients through 2018 and, if we haven’t yet met, then we hope that we can get together soon for an informal chat to discuss all of the exciting new trends and ideas for the coming season.

December 2017


We Are Now Offering Colour and Deep Conditioning Services

No salon is complete without the ability to deal with any and every issue that our hair can throw at us – and that ranges from simply being discontented with your hair but not really sure why or what to do about it, through to that fantastic new style and colour that you simply have to have.

Well, I’m delighted to say that we are now able to offer a full colour and deep conditioning treatment to complement our styling services.

This is because we have been fortunate enough to acquire the expertise of Lucy Burnett

Lucy has come to us from one of Oxford City’s top hair salons and has over 9 years’ experience.

Lucy says:

“I’m the kind of person that prefers to understand my client’s hair, how they feel about it and what they actually want to achieve before plunging in and starting work. The problem is that this takes a little more time – and time is not something that’s easy to deliver in the pressured environment of a top salon.

It’s what attracted me to Verve & Virtue and my aim is to help the team fulfil their goal of becoming the ‘go to’ salon for those that want a more relaxed and friendly environment that is wholly focused on them and their needs”.


Lucy will provide the full range of colour service from touching up roots through subtle tonal changes to a full on colour change for a complete transformation.
We use Fibreplex from Schwarzkopf professional so that your hair is protected from the risk of damage during the colouration process. It interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce strong structural bonds leaving you hair strong and full of vitality after your colour services.

Deep conditioning

Sometimes, our hair loses its sparkle. This can be because of illness, stress or simply a lack of sunshine in the winter. As we know, when our hair isn’t great we don’t feel at our best. The solution is very straightforward. Deep conditioning will restore the vitality and shine of your hair in an instant and with it your own personal sparkle. If you don’t colour your hair or aren’t ready for the next recolour but want to give your hair a boost, then a deep condition treatment could be right for you.

So – come and have an informal chat with Lucy or the team if you feel the need for just a bit of a boost or are ready for that new transformational statement! We’d love to see you.